• Never give up. Great things take time.

  • #NightdwellersAprilWords #watch

    Do not be fooled, my friend:
    You may keep time on your wrist
    But time conquers all.

    Minutes are minute
    Weeks seem weak as we sail them
    But pal, we’re dated.

    You can spend an […]

  • Sorry for not posting today, I have started about four things but finished none.
    Also i have had company all day so been trying to entertain guests as well. If you have any poems, story’s or anything you want me […]

  • Content, such a feeling.
    Nothing is right, nothing is wrong.
    Right there, in the moment where everything is complete.


    ThoseMeaningfulWords. VH.

  • Of all the souls I’ve ever known
    She interests me the more
    She sits aside my wicked throne
    And holds me at her core

    She sees me like no other does
    She sees right past the paint
    The closest thing I’ve known to […]

  • She wore a brocade dress and the way she danced was hynotic.

    The Emperor club had only been open for business a few short weeks and I’d become weary of bars that throw you out at the first sign of a […]

  • So much wasted time,
    Playing dead every night,
    I’ll rest when I’m dead.

  • I know a man…
    He had a wife he did not see
    Although she was right beside him
    Ever there, wed to air.
    He made children
    Hammered life into a yearning womb
    Stole the heaven and heat
    From love not made
    But […]

  • Sweet Fanny Adams they call me, mainly ’cause that is my name,
    I came to find fortune in London and ended up ‘on the game’.
    Leaving home, in rural Kent, was not much of a wrench for me,
    Cause I’d always longed to […]

  • Popular it may be to eat Tide pods,
    Rumor has it they eat you inside
    Out, now you’re puking bubbles,
    Mom told you so, don’t play with
    Pods or you will be in the ER, and
    TV famous!

    William Henry Mills Jr […]

  • Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.

  • I long to trace your pallid face with fingers warm as flame
    To build you up and show you love and take away your pain
    I long to kiss your tender lips, take you deep into my dreams
    To take you far, show you the […]

  • Time indeed mate ☕️

  • Time indeed mate ☕️

  • What would Jesus say if he walked among us now?
    Would he even stay, would he understand somehow
    Would he recognise the place, and would he even know
    That things have changed so little since two thousand years […]

  • Tumbled out of bed stretching and yawning,
    showered and shaved, greeted the morning.
    Down to the kitchen and popped in some toast,
    thinking, ‘Which cereal do I fancy the most?’
    The boiling kettle added urgency to […]

  • Dreams turn to nightmares
    And nightmares breed hate
    Searching for redemption
    But it is too late
    Surrender your soul
    It’s easier that way
    Or suffer the torture
    When the demons do take
    Fighting the battle
    But you […]

  • When we were young and sat on your knee
    You’d tell the bears’ story, there wasn’t just three
    You’d tell us tall tales, that would make us all smile
    Lost in imagination, if just for a while

    As we grew older, […]

  • Here man!’ shouts the first of Spring
    Gilding jaded eye.
    Been so grey for feeling blue
    This paucity of sky.

    The outboard buzz of honey-bee
    The nodding heads of rye
    All show the end is here, my friend
    Of paucity […]

  • Tasked within the broken hearted,
    are messages in dreams now sent,
    where subconscious takes to heart,
    what before was painfully bent.

    For when awakened, tears will fall,
    streaks of shadowed drops of rain,
    from a […]

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