• Thunder, lightning, crackle and boom,
    Everyone get back, make some room.
    The battle of the century is about to begin,
    The war of the world for mortal sin.

    A holy battle between light and dark,
    A cataclysmic event […]

  • “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”

    ~ Mark Twain


  • if life was poetry
    it would be a haiku
    lowercase moments
    with no punctuation
    a perfectly split phrase
    one clever fragment
    breaths would be syllables
    all seventeen
    dispersed unevenly
    in three broken lines
    if […]

  • A night out among the stars,
    we stare up to the sky,
    holding hands together,
    we start to wonder why?

    Why does it seem so far away,
    the space, the heavens, the stars,
    and could our hearts reach them,
    if love was […]

  • Sing me a love song that touches my heart,
    With lyrics that talk to me right from the start,
    Fill me with yearning for sweethearts gone by,
    The girls from my youth that all helped me to fly,

    Sing me of Sally my […]

  • If life was poetry
    that unfinished thought
    on the tip of your tongue
    right after our lips parted
    would become mine
    I would then always be
    just a faint memory
    a slice of déjà vu
    if life was p […]

  • Where have the moments gone,
    that created dreams of me and you,
    for you were a secret desire,
    that I wanted so much to be true?

    Where have those feelings went,
    that kept my eyes in tears,
    and splashed them into […]

  • More and more i start to realise
    Im never going to reach my tomorrow
    Im never going to make it on my own
    I miss my grandad not just today
    But eveyday the sun rise
    That loving feeling you use to give me
    Telling me […]

  • Call the sun,
    So we can play outside.
    Have some fun,
    Til we’re tired.
    The breeze of air,
    Gives us the sign,
    That we’ll feel fair,
    And can dance in line.
    My friend
    Watch, follow me
    Let’s do the bend,
    Without our […]

  • Is there a


    Deep in the confines
    Of a honey-
    Comb palace

    And if so
    Does she […]

  • Little Jack Abramoff
    Ripping the Injuns off,
    Lining his pockets with gold.

    Did pretty well,
    Til sent to a cell
    Where inmates invaded his hole.

  • I’m filled with sorrow……
    Mainly because I miss the way things used to be.
    Every day more things go missing from my life.
    yeah I’ve made mistakes but are people not meant to forgive?!
    Just 3 weeks ago life […]

  • If life was poetry within all its motion,
    would the pen write out deep devotion,
    or write the tragedy within feelings lost,
    or the emotion of depression and its cost?

    If life was written within our control,
    would […]

  • The girl sat there on the rocky beach, just watching the waves roll in and crash upon the smooth, worn down stones. She was beautiful, her hair pulled back into distinguishable strands that all came together in a […]

  • I sat crisscross apple sauce on the foot of my bed. You were standing to the side. You were my nightmare. The thing that I had to cry myself to sleep over every night. Now I am even more afraid for the time has […]

  • I’m running like the wind.
    Neither the sunrise
    nor the waves wait for me.


  • A boy lived his childhood obeying all the rules
    Because he knew it pleased his parents
    and it got him through school!
    But when schooling was complete and his efforts not quite enough.
    He felt rather cheated
    And […]

  • #darknursery

    Doctor Foster went to Gloucester
    In a shower of acid rain.
    He stepped in a puddle
    Right up to his middle,
    Died screaming in unbearable pain.

    Was that too much? Lol

  • A drink my friend?

    “Ah tis to early my lad”

    Well how about a bowl?

    “Can’t, ive already lost to much time”

    Damn i see, how about a talk?

    “As i said im trying to catch lost time”

    What a shame!

    “And tis only […]

  • #randomrhymes

    The blind man sees the future clearly
    The deaf man’s heard what’s coming too
    The dumb man speaks so wise and fairly
    And all three know, much more than we do

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