• People tell me you
    stay where you belong
    But all my life I have tried
    To prove them wrong
    They say I am looking for
    Something that cant be found
    They say I am missing out
    If my feet dont touch the ground
    But […]

  • Its time for me to leave,
    I must leave for many reasons.
    I dont wish to tale too long,
    Just understand I have some treason.

    Im worse than you believe,
    Im poision – now you know.
    A look, a smile, a glance,
    I’ll […]

  • Emerald eyes shining
    Sinister in the darkness
    Frenzied demons play


  • I miss your touch, so much,
    I just need to be with you.
    But it’s becoming ever clearer,
    That you don’t feel the same way too.

    I miss your kiss, so much.
    I just need you by my side.
    But it’s becoming ever […]

  • The bombs the bullets
    The bodies that fall
    The broken the battered
    The fodder of war

    The young and the brave
    Are borrowed to battle
    They fall to their fate
    With the bullets that rattle

    The mothers the […]

  • I should have never told you
    How I felt.
    The voices in my head,
    They only speak so loud.
    My world without you
    Is too quiet for me.
    I long for the times
    When your voice, to me,
    Was a thunderstorm.

    © Cute, 2015, […]

  • I know how awful it feels
    To suffer with severe depression
    The constant ups and downs
    Never give out a good impression
    The horror of twisted visions
    That haunt you both night and day
    Play havoc with your fragile […]

  • There were three cavaliers that served the king,
    broad of hat and thick of skin.
    Given their orders and set on their way.
    A duty to uphold and a general to slay.

    Their enemies many, all round of head,
    were set […]

  • There was once a man,
    Who was blind, but saw the world
    And it’s beauty shine


  • It’s hard seeing you lying there,
    With tubes inserted everywhere,
    The way you sleep that isn’t really well,
    I hope tomorrow you’d be out from that killing hell.

    With every movement of your hand,
    We saw the pain […]

  • Someone does! they say
    Someone does!

    Someone loves you
    Someone hates you
    Someone is kind to you

    But what happens if someone isn’t?

    Someone isn’t there for you
    Someone isn’t kind to you
    Someone isn’t your […]

  • Live my cartoon life
    Fairytale horror stories
    Monsters come to life

  • Curtain wide open
    Waiting for sun to come in
    For life to regain.


  • Like a flame burning in the dark night
    Lighting this path that I walk
    Kissing the ground with your amber glow
    Protection from the demons that stalk
    The stars pale in comparison
    To the beauty that seeps from your […]

  • Follow me, friend, to the world of the others
    Allow strange skies to reflect in widening eyes
    Nightcreeps and daygolds
    Tea on the lips of black holes and gryphons
    Allegories alive in the battles of trees
    Singing […]

  • They were suffering from attrition in the desert without water.
    All Pierre could think about though was his home, his wife, his daughter.
    His boots had filled with blood and the march was more a […]

  • Darkness envelops me but I welcome her familiar embrace, unforgiving and merciless yet I belong.
    She stretches for eternity, my lover unbounded, shadowed by her own dark soul that matches my own.
    Poisoned by […]

  • Just a memory
    A story of perfect love
    Hearts remain broken


  • Another quiet night arrives,
    Without so much as a whisper made
    In this labyrinth of emotion and silence,
    Bar the rhythmic breath of dreams.
    Here we lay, in our comfortable fortresses,
    Waiting for slumber to […]

  • I got this thing inside of me,
    I got to watch out to be free,
    I can’t resist, and I can’t stop,
    My inbuilt mechanism’s top.

    I see the strangers in the street,
    Suspicion tells me not to greet,
    Take care my […]

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